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My fascination with birds and their habitat have married with my passion to draw and paint. My painting style preference is traditional realism because I like to capture and convey avian life as true as it is. I start with a pencil drawing then paint in grayscale for value and bring it to life with color.

I am a Southern California native and have loved all forms of art since childhood. Drawing and painting has always been part of my life and it led me to my career for 18 years in Mechanical Drafting. Most of my career in the medical device field was drafting by hand which later turned to CAD (computer aided drafting) and then 3-D modeling. Illustrations for company instructions and packaging were an added opportunity to exercise my talent.

Today I work independently and have the opportunity to train and paint with a well renowned wildlife and landscape artist Philip Journeay. Working with Philip has enhanced and continues to add quality to my work. Life beholds many beautiful things to marvel. My hope is to capture and share just a small part of it.

2008 Birds in Art
2008 The Southwest Arts Fesitval
Art-A-Fair International Juried Art Festival